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Banishing the Baby Belly: Week 3

This week...was not a stellar week. Not only did I eat out several times, I also neglected to exercise. At all. Why? No good reason. Lots of excuses, but no good reasons.

I was in a bad mood.

Had lots of work to do.

Was just plain tired.

And now I'm sick.

Like I said, no good excuses. As a result, I lost a disappointing .2 pounds. Which is better than a gain, but not much better. This week, though, will be a better week. It has to be. At least this cold of mine is taking my appetite away...no temptation to overeat this weekend (we'll call that the silver lining).

So. My challenge for this week. I think, given my current energy level, I'll keep it simple. I challenge myself to exercise at least three times, even if that only means walking along with Leslie Sansone. I'm also going to continue to scour the Internet for a treadmill—somewhere, someone has to have a decent one to sell, right? Because full-price, fresh-from-the-store treadmills are not in the budget.

Maybe my second challenge should be to play the lottery at least once.  Someone has to win, right?

Anyway, that's all for me. How did you guys do?


Holly Noelle @ Domestic Dork said...

I think being sick is a good reason.

Good luck finding a treadmill. We got ourselves a used one. People buy them, never use them, then sell them.

Autumn in jeans said...

I don't know if you get comments emailed to you, I hope you do!! I wanted you to know that you should blog out your runs with C25K so we can follow them (if you arent already planning on doing that lol) Good luck tomorrow, instead of taking a rest day tomorrow I'll be running too (I think I mentioned that but not quite sure) T-Storms due all day Sunday and I'd rather not run in the lightening lol. Looking forward to hear how your first run goes, remember TAKE IT SLOW just because you're supposed to run for 60 seconds doesnt mean you have to push it to the max, this isn't a race it's preparation.

Excited to find a fellow new runner and follow your progress!! Never give up!

amyndavid said...

I'm trying to lose my baby belly too! I weigh in every Thursday! Good Luck!


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